Tuesday, December 15, 2020

We're Coming to the End of Things

 It feels like maybe the election will be over soon.  The Electoral College voted, there were no faithless electors.  Today Mitch McConnell asked the Republicans to please not challenge the vote on January 6, because then they would have to vote to support the election of Joe Biden and it would cause them to appear "anti-Trump."  One does wonder how a former reality TV star holds this much sway over a political party.  They should be anti-Trump.

AG Bill Barr is out as of December 23.  He will not be missed.  The Supreme Court declined to hear a case from Indiana which sought to limit same sex marriage.  That was a surprise.  

Mayor Pete of South Bend, Indiana has been named by President-Elect Biden as Secretary of Transportation.  Yea to the Mayor!

We are still in Covid staying at home.  Our esteemed governor will not call for a lockdown, despite the public health officials saying that we are heading off a cliff again in terms of case numbers and staffed ICU bed availability.  We're learning to grocery shop really quickly.

I took this last Friday.  It was a pretty good sunset.

This is my neighbor's lemon tree.  It looks like it's going to be another good year for lemons.  They don't use them (!) so they're all for me.  I juiced and zested a ton of them at the end of March when they were ready to come off the tree.  The fruit cycle is a mystery to me, my tree is just about done producing lemons, and this tree will be ready in the spring.

My lemon tree does not look good.  I think the deer are chewing on it.  I hope it's deer and not illness.

NYT did an interesting article on how the mRNA vaccines work.   It's a lot of words, but it's a good explainer.  Or you could just read this tweet.

There is a hysterical video of the orange ectoplasm being removed from the White House circulating on twitter. You can view it here.

Other than this, I have zippity doo-dah all to report.


  1. I'd say this is a very fine report of the day's news, most of it very hopeful. I love your recaps. Did you see that over the counter home covid tests were approved yesterday? Now everyone can know their covid status if they care to.

  2. look at all those lovely lemons and they look ready to me all yellow.

    personally I wish we could just leap frog over the holidays and get straight to the inauguration. hopefully Trump will take a long holiday instead of engaging in more vindictiveness.

  3. Citrus trees are mysterious. Some types are early, some are late.

    I didn't realize that's WHY McConnell urged Republicans not to challenge the results -- but that makes sense.

    Seems like there are mixed feelings about Buttigieg's appointment. I read that some black activists are not happy about it.

  4. I cannot imagine what you will do with all those lemons your neighbor is growing.

  5. It is amazing how many people are being controlled by such a despicable character. I will never forget the woman who said he was a gift from god. I used the little "g" because obviously it wasn't the big "G" who sent him our way.
    I loved that description of how the vaccine works.

  6. Those lemons look amazing. It's snowing here and I'm stuck in the house doing nothing, again. Every day at work is the same and every day off work is the same. Monotony!

  7. The lemons look great. I can't imagine the neighbors not using at least some of them. They must not cook, eat fish, make cocktails, or anything. I would find plenty of uses!