Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Pay Off

After enduring the hottest summer ever, we got the pay off today.  No wind, blue skies and 72 degrees.  It was just wonderful.  The summer was so terrible because monsoon failed.  All of the moisture from the gulf went east into New Mexico.  Without monsoon in July and August, to cool things off, it just kept getting hotter.  It was really hot.  Anyway, it was such a comfortable day for a bike ride, we just loved it.  This is from one of the dirt trails we ride.

More sky, gratuitous picture of a palm tree.

The front gate with a Christmas wreath.  It's labelled for indoor use only, so if rain is in the forecast, it has to come in.  I like it, it's shiny and cheerful.

This is the decorative item over the gate.  It mimics a church arch, there should be a bell in there.

Looking out to the west, sitting on the patio.  It was weird, right after I took this clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped.  Not complaining, not after what New York and the rest of the east are dealing with.

I swiped this from the internet.  You have to really want to eat out to do this. 

The orange ectoplasm lost two lawsuits in Georgia today - that was good.  There is some confusion over how many Pfizer doses have been shipped, whether or not there are hold backs, and where they're supposed to go.  I guess it was too much to ask for enough people in the administration to pay attention to vaccine shipments.  Moderna's vaccine was approved, so there will be more coming on line.

I read a lot of blogs, and I frequently read the comments left on said blogs.  I was astonished today to read three comments saying they won't take the vaccine; there's no point since masks will still be necessary, Biden will get the credit instead of the ectoplasm, the virus is a hoax and the vaccine won't prevent it, and etc., and etc.  This is very disheartening.


  1. Anyone who refuses to take a potentially lifesaving vaccine because of who they support politically is, in a word, an idiot.

    The NYT photo of the snow is hilarious! They are DETERMINED!

  2. My doc said they hope to have enuf vaccine for their patients in March or April. So that is where I plan to be when its time. Jim's doc told him the same thing. People can rationalize anything stupid idea based on lies and misinformation. And so we will continue to wear masks and social distance for as long as necessary.

    And nobody wants Trump for a neighbor which I think is hystetical.

  3. Those poor NY restaurants were made to close their operations so the sidewalks could be cleared.
    I'm glad you are out and about again. Your scenery is luscious.

  4. Glad the weather is cooperating. Perhaps next year will begin with a beautiful sunny day, wouldn't that be a good sign! Your gate is beautiful, especially so with the festive wreath! Merry Christmas to you and Jim.

  5. the wreath is nice but I love the gate. the desert has its own kind of beauty but don't your eyes yearn for lush green now and then?

    as for the head MAGAt, he is withholding Pfizer's vaccine in favor of Moderna's in which he has invested. and those idiots who refuse to get vaccinated deserve what they get. hopefully by mid year everyone who wants a vaccine will have had it and those who do not can just get sick. there are people in the ICU whose last words before they get intubated are 'it's not covid'. what ev. and today on our little town's FB chat page some dumb idiot was reporting, without proof, that some funeral homes are changing the cause of death on death certificates from whatever to covid. when I responded with facts about death certificates and called her out for spreading hearsay and rumor she accused me of being rude. once again...what ev.

  6. Oooh, I so envy your weather. We have been having rain that has reached biblical proportions here in NC. We picked a really, really stupid time to build a new house. Our driveway is quicksand now and will not be passable until so that they can actually start on the foundation. Sigh! We plan to get vaccines just as soon as they are available to us. I don't love having to wear masks even after that, but I will be happy when my folks and I are all vaccinated, so I will feel comfortable visiting; that's the important thing. Merry Christmas to you and Jim!

    1. D'oh, somehow I backspaced over some words. What I meant to say is "will not be passable until sometime in 2021"....

  7. I just heard on the news that it was going to be 76 today. I will get out there for a nice walk. I love that wreath.
    It is fascinating all the different opinions about this virus. Of course, it we had one unified voice getting information out to people, it would be different. Instead we have this giant mess caused by you know who.