Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A Rant and Some Scenery

Aaaaaaargh.  I truly have hate in my heart for many red states.  The Texas AG, Mr. Paxton, who has been under investigation for multiple crimes for the past five years has filed a lawsuit with SCOTUS to overturn the election results of four swing states.  Today, seventeen red states have signed on as amici curiae in support of this.  Think about it.  Texas wants to disenfranchise all of those voters in the swing states because he doesn't like the way they voted.  To its credit, Ohio, is not participating in this charade.  Maybe California would like to challenge the way the Texans voted.

What else am I pissed off about?  Well there is the gestapo-like raid on Rebekah Jones' home by Florida police.  The warrant to enter the home was signed by a judge appointed 30 days ago by DeathSantis.  Said judge was in civil court, signing off on a criminal warrant.  The police took all of her computers.  DeathSantis is mad because she has continued to post current Covid numbers even after firing her for doing her job.  They're trying to charge her with "hacking" a system that is available to the public.  I hope she's able to sue everybody.  More is here, including her video of the police. Update to post 12/11/2020:  Apparently the police did not have the warrant in hand when they entered the house, it came three hours later.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, public health officials' homes are being surrounded by people who think Covid is hoax.  They're banging on the doors, scaring the kids, shining lasers through the windows and banging garbage cans to make noise.  All of these people who end up with Covid should not be allowed in a hospital.  More is here on this subject.  In general, if you don't mask, wash hands, and distance, then I think no health care for you. 

Lastly, there is the murder of Casey Goodson by the police.  He was shot in the back three times as he prepared to enter his home with a bag of Subway sandwiches.  He died in front of his grandmother and two toddlers.  This has to stop, police should not be murdering Black men because they can.  More on this here.

So, there is so much more I am pissed about, but I guess I will stop there. 

We have had some sunsets, not a lot but some.

We rode this afternoon, there was not a cloud in the sky, making us doubt the forecast for rain tonight and tomorrow morning.

Then, out of nowhere, clouds rolled in.  Currently it's getting darker, and the wind has picked up a little.  So maybe.

Ok, one more thing.  Yesterday was Safe Harbor.  All states have certified, some more than once.  ENOUGH with the stupid lawsuits that have already been dismissed because they're stupid.  Also, there is the fact that five early voting polling places in Black and Brown areas have been closed in Georgia.  The election official said it's because she doesn't have staffing.  Oddly enough, no polling places in the white areas have been closed.  Why don't they close some of them, and move the poll workers to the poorer areas.  In addition to not having enough polling places, there is virtually zero public transportation to get the voters to the ones still open.

This is funny, it's from twitter.

So, that's really it, that's all I've got.


  1. There's a lot to be angry about, that's for sure. I heard one of the lawyers challenging the election results saying that they don't care about any of the deadlines, and in fact they intend to keep challenging the election results even if Biden is inaugurated. They say courts that agree with allegations of fraud can essentially nullify the election or order a new one. Who knows if that's true, but the point is, it doesn't sound like this insanity will go away even after Jan. 20. Ugh!

  2. I just want to cry. I'm so angry and discouraged. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that this stuff is going to go on and on. Its so stupid. HE LOST!!!

  3. Honestly, I cannot read the news any more. I am totally ashamed of the elect officials of my state. Ashamed to say I am from TX. Beautiful, as usual, pictures.

  4. That video of that woman being served her warrant is fucked up. What is wrong with the police? Knock on the door and talk to her like she's a human being, put away your guns. You're there for computers. She had kids in the house.

  5. I am appalled and disgusted at the Republican party that they have turned their backs on our democracy. and goddamn Paxton. he's obviously angling for a pre-emptive pardon. and all those red states that jumped on it and Trump even wrote a letter supporting it. it's all illegal and ridiculous and I don't think Trump's SC will take it. I do think the Democrats should insist on investigating McConnell's and Graham's wins. something very hinky went on in those two states. and yes, blue states should sue red states to turn over their majorities. turnabout is fair play and all that. And fucking Georgis back to their voter suppression tactics. I hadn't heard about the business in Idaho.

  6. It is becoming overwhelming, which is the point. We can't back off, but I don't know what we can do. I hope Biden comes out fighting back.

  7. Thankfully the SCOTUS, even with Trump-nominated justices, is proving to be a bit more sensible than Twitler, the Senate Republican scoundrels, and everyone who signed on with that ridiculous suit. Love your sunset photos and the meme from Twitter. Yes, I qualify!