Wednesday, January 29, 2020


I have scenery but few words.  Monday there was riding of mountain bikes on the extremely benign and not dangerous trails in the Tucson Mountain Park.  I'm riding better than I was, my uphill starts are improving, which is good because just about everything is uphill.  These were taken out by the Starr Pass trail that goes into another section of TMP.  We used to hike there a lot before we bought the house.  It's pretty, we should go over there some.

Today we hiked up to a bench some of the neighborhood men built high on a hill side.  A neighbor wants Jim to show him where it is, and so we needed to refresh our knowledge of where it is.  It's a very steep hike.  Coming down parts of it are not much fun, too many loose rocks.

While standing at the bench panting, we figured out how to use the panorama setting on Jim's phone.  This is what you see looking out towards Tucson.

So that's what I've got.  Pretty pictures in response to all the misery and malfeasance in the world.


  1. I love your pictures. It certainly looks like a nice place to hike and bike. There are no such trails where I am without driving several miles.

  2. Looks like home to me!! Great shots.

  3. The Senoran Desert is so beautiful and full of living things.

  4. You guys sure picked the best spot to buy a house...for most of the year, anyway :). It will be interesting to see posts from july and august now that you sold your wheels. There are a lot of really nice pine-shaded trails at higher elevations in Madera Canyon at the base of Mount Wrightson...lots of birds, too.

  5. it is beautiful. and that blue sky! so intense.

    one can only hope that Gardner and other Republican senators who vote against witnesses because they know Trump is guilty because they think it will hurt their re-election chances get big surprises in November when their refusal to hold a fair trial finds them voted out.

  6. Uphill starts...I wonder if I ever could.

    1. It takes a strong left leg, and good balance before the bike moves forward. It's been a process to get both of those things back.

  7. Beautiful photos! I envy your getting to mountain bike there. Sometimes I wonder if I will get to do that again (ride my MTB). I miss it, but it's still hanging out at my mom's in NC waiting for me. Maybe someday!