Monday, January 27, 2020

Friends Come to Visit Us

Jim and Kim visited us last week from the dry side of Washington State. The wet side has not seen the sun since December 1. Is that sad or what? Anyway, the weather here started off not great for their visit but steadily improved. I, of course, took no pictures of people, just food and scenery. 

It's probably just as well after reading this oped from WAPO.  It's about a new facial recognition software suite using artificial intelligence.
More than 600 law enforcement agencies use the company’s tool, which depends on a database of more than 3 billion images gathered from millions of websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Also using the tool are private citizens, which is the really atrocious part of it all.  The software delivers names, addresses, phone numbers and more.  It's a great way to stalk an ex-lover.  Anyway, I'm thinking fewer pictures on the interwebs would be good.

Back to Kim and Jim.  We went to El Guero Canelo on 12th Avenue for lunch one afternoon. 

What could be better than a grilled bacon wrapped hot dog on a soft sweet bun?

There was a sunset at some point.

Saturday we went to Saguaro East National Park.  It's just lovely out there.

We used to ride our road bikes around the eight mile loop.  This sign is not kidding, there is a steep down hill followed by a 90 degree right hand turn.

This cactus has a lot going on.

The grey stripe mid photo is a water course.  It's hard to see, but there is free water on the rocks, making its way downhill.

It was a fun visit, unfortunately they had to go home.


  1. I would eat those hot dogs in a minute. I would not ride that trail.

  2. Downhill on a bike? That's MY kind of a ride. That lunch looks amazing. There's a guy selling sonoran dogs next to the church here, almost every day of the week. I may just have to try one.

  3. That must have been fun for you and a nice break from the cold for them.

  4. I've heard that the weather in western Washington has been miserable. That street sign is funny -- never seen that one before! (Not funny if you're bicycling, I'm sure.)

  5. George Orwell was terribly prescient. big brother is everywhere.

    those hot dogs made me think of one of the things we learned to cook back when home ec was required for all girls in middle dogs with a lengthwise slit cit and stuffed with strips of cheese, wrapped with bacon and broiled in the oven.

  6. We rode that loop at Saguaro NP East, and it was probably the most challenging eight miles I have ever ridden! Encountered a rattlesnake in the middle of the road too. Quite the rush. I would not want to try to conquer those hills in my current non-hill-riding shape. Eeek! But it was fun and gorgeous when we did it back in early 2014. SIX years ago - boggles the mind. I sure do feel a lot older now. Glad you had fun with your friends.

  7. it was a WONDERFUL visit! thanks for having us!