Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter in the GPNW

Whatcom county, which is north of Seattle, is in the midst of an ice storm.  We never get ice storms, until we do.  I feel bad for those people.




Trees are down, power poles are down, power is out.  With any luck it will warm up and start raining.


  1. Ice storms are awful. But then so is the 60+ inches of snow they got earlier this week in Erie, PA where I grew up and my brother still lives. It always amazes me that people continue to live there!

  2. We used to get ice storms with some frequency in North Carolina. They were the worst as you can't drive on ice, and we'd nearly always lose power, trees, or both. Horrible. Glad you aren't in WA and glad I'm not in NC freezing my tushie off!