Sunday, December 10, 2017

Another Hike and Some Hummingbirds

We are whooped.  We’ve been wondering where on earth the recently observed Yetman segment of trail ends up.  The trail maps and Google are worthless.  To discover the trail, one must hike towards the trail.  We parked out at Sarasota again and hiked out into the bowl that is surrounded by the Tucson Mountains.  Our original intent was to walk up to the four way intersection at the top of the hill and see what we would see.


See the rock formation that looks like a Tiki God?  He’s our navigational aid for the area.  All trails look alike out there.  Anyway, look at the horizontal line at the bottom of the photo.  We know this elevation after hiking out here for years, and we did not recognize that trail.  So we walked towards it, got near it and eventually decided to bushwhack up to it.  We don’t recognize the trail because it was not here last year.  It’s a great MTB trail.  It’s single track and side hill, but for the most part there are not large frightening rocks on it.  It’s also fairly long.  We were the only people walking it.


This is the old four way intersection at the end of Rock Wren trail.  It’s now a five way intersection.  The new trail comes in behind that sign to the left.  It ended up being a longer hike than we had planned, about three hours.  We both need better shoes to deal with all of the pointy rocks in the area.  Next time we’ll go back to the bushwhack and go the other way and see where that ends up.


I finally put up the hummingbird feeder.  We’ve gotten quite a few hummers on it.  I really love watching them.




So that was today.  It was day two of being windy.  I would like for that to stop soon.


  1. Sure would be nice if there was an updated trail map put out by the folks who build trails, wouldn't it?