Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Hike From the Genser Trailhead

Can you stand one more hiking post?  I’m doing these so we remember the trails next season.  It’s amazing how much we forget while we’re gone.

Today we parked at the Genser trail head and headed up.  Like the Bowen and Hidden trails. I think Rock Wren is off the table.  The rocks have always been bad, but now they are worse.  The trails are heavily used and the dirt seems to be leaving, exposing more rocks.

We went to the top of the tiny mountain.  It was way farther and steeper than I remembered.  Note to self, it’s a climb! 

Work on the reservoir continues.  The size of it has really increased.  We think that stretched out yellow piece of equipment on the right is a concrete pumper.  We never saw it move, but that’s our theory.


There are nice views from the top.  It’s quiet, with the exception of the airplanes that go overhead.  When I talk about “the bowl”, it’s that flat area ringed by the mountains to which I am referring. 

They’re not actually mountains, in the Colorado sense of the word.  Big hills might be more accurate.


More view from the top.


This is our aid to navigation in the bowl, the Tiki God.  He’s pretty close to the first overlook we stop at. 


On the way back to the truck we saw a family (herd?) of deer.  They’re hard to photograph because they blend so well.  This guy is a young male.  When I took this, he was running to catch up with his friends.


We walked on to the truck and spotted them again.  Golf course grass has got to be so much better than anything in the hills.


We also spotted a couple of javelinas.  This poor animal has a piece of dead cactus stuck to his face.


I got up this morning and turned my phone on to check the Alabama election results.  To my great astonishment, Doug Jones won.  The African American vote won the day.  Despite very long lines at their polling places due to inadequate staffing, and the presence of the police checking their ids for wants and warrants, they persisted. 


  1. It was so nice to turn on the news this morning and hear something good for a change.

  2. Have you considered an app for the phone or a hand held GPS so that you can mark and record your hikes, as I would imagine that it is hard to navigate in that terrain.
    Even across the water its good the tide beginning to turn , I wonder.

    1. We do consider an app, and then we do nothing about it. I guess we have a lot of inertia to overcome.

    2. We really like Backcountry Navigator for tracking our hikes and bike rides.

  3. That poor javelina!

    We can only hope that the dems continue to win more seats in the coming months.

  4. I hope the javelina will be able to free itself from that gotta-be-painful cactus. Ouch! We too were delighted with the Alabama results. Finally, a ray of hope in this dismal year. Perhaps this momentum will continue on into the 2018 mid-terms!