Monday, July 27, 2015

The Sun Shines on Seattle

The Issaquah micro-climate was again not encouraging us to ride today.  Clouds tend to stack up against the foothills, and it takes longer for the marine push to burn off.  If one checks the traffic cameras, one often sees that the weather in Seattle is way better.  We did a long walk from the downtown retail core up by the Olympic Sculpture Garden to the Port of Seattle grain terminal.
This was taken from the roof deck of the Bell Street cruise ship terminal.  It offers a nice view of the city.

I have previously photographed in the sculpture garden here and hereWe skirted the garden and stayed on the path close to the water.  This is the grain terminal.  If you look to the left of it, you can see a cruise ship docked at Pier 91.  The Seattle core was full of people from the boat.  Notice the construction crane on the loading facility.

We couldn't find anything on the web to tell us what maintenance they're doing.  In 2009 there was a major refurb of the things that spray the grain into the ships.  It's good to see that this remains a working pier.

There is a rose garden along the walk.  They don't use any chemicals on the plants, and some of them are really chewed up.  It's hard to grow roses in this area.  There are thrips, there is rust, there is mildew.  When we were in West Seattle, Jim was always having to spray them with something.

The Burlington Northern main north south line goes through Seattle.  It's a double track main, with a lot of traffic.  It runs at the base of many condominiums in the city; which is just like a lot of RV parks we've stayed in.

Walking back to the truck required multiple zip zags across the street.  The multiple construction projects close the side walks.  This is a new high rise.

This is another.

It was a delightful day.  The sun was out and we walked for about three hours.  Both of us feel like we're getting our feet back in shape for the longer walking.


  1. I really enjoy your walks around the city.

  2. It always amazes me that people actually live next to rail tracks! I'd have to sleep with ear plugs daily...not to mention the toll of all that noise on ones psyche over time!