Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue Angels and Walking in Bellevue

Greetings Earthlings!  Here's hoping your summer is progressing well.  We had excitement at the beginning of the week when Valley Medical called and said my recent mammogram looked "different."  Of course we all went to defcon 1 in our heads, but it was nothing. Apparently some tissue was pleated, and they could not see it well.  The negative findings were reported on Tuesday, which was Jim's 69th birthday.   It was not the most fun birthday he has had, but we are happy to have it behind us.

Today was the first day of the Blue Angels' practice flights.  We elected not to ride out and stand on the bridge deck to watch them fly as we did last year.  It's too hot, it's back up into the 90s and I am suffering with it.

Closing the bridge does bad things to area traffic.  Black means traffic is not moving.  Red means it's not moving very fast.  The green on I90 across the island is misleading, there is no traffic there.

I swiped these pictures of the practice off the web.  The mountain was out, as well.

We walked around Bellevue for a bit early this afternoon.  It's also covered in construction cranes.

This is an un-restored 1957 Chevy 150 four door sedan.  It's kind of a sad looking car.  There's a lot of rust.

This is what really amused us.  Look at the date on the license plate tab.  We've been stressing because ours are expiring tomorrow and we don't have the new ones yet.  I guess expired tabs are not a problem in Washington.

Other than this, maties, I have nothing really interesting or scenic to report.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jim!
    Allison, don't you just hate those annual mammograms. The Mayo Clinic reads them while you wait. So much better than getting a call back!

  2. Happy Birthday Jim… Do not fear the big seven oh… Bobbie broke that barrier last year and didn't even break her stride :) It's just a number…
    Don't know about the Seattle Megapolis… just too big, too crowded, too hot, too wet, too grey, too humid, too trafficked… I used to love that place, tho. The price paid for "growth" and "jobs" is high indeed...

  3. Glad the mammo scare turned out to be nothing, but don't you hate it when that happens? Especially on a birthday...sheesh.