Sunday, July 12, 2015

Still Walking in Seattle

We wimped out again!  It was cold and gloomy again this morning, so the bikes stayed in the truck.  They don't like this weather, either.  Instead we decided to go to the Dragon Festival in the International District.  We parked near Nordstrom again, so it gave us some walking to get down there.  This is the gate into the district.

There was a lot of food, there were people selling stuff, and many people offering spine analyses.  These young women were always smiling.  The sun had come out by this point, they must have been cooking in those dresses.

We have no idea.  He had a boom box, played rap, and sort of moved to the music.  He should keep his day job.

There were dragons.

I think that is Godzilla-Dog.

This young woman is doing a fan dance.  We were pretty far away from the stage so it's not a great photo.

After eating lunch, we wandered over to the King Street station.  It's an Amtrak station, and they were doing a brisk business.  I guess train travel is making a comeback.

The station has been refurbished and looks really good.  It's all white, but is fairly ornate.

We returned to the vehicle via Pioneer Square.  This is one of the businesses.  I love this, Shotgun Ceremonies.  They had a sign on the door saying they were down the street, but if you needed them just call.

The Smith Tower.  It was Seattle's first sky scraper, built in 1914.

We walked through Westlake again, the kids were out in a hamster ball.  This is a great toy.

Then we drove over to West Seattle, where we used to live.  This is Harbor Island.  It's man made, from some of the fill that the regrades produced.

This is where America President Lines used to be.  They have been moved to a different terminal, so that this one can be upgraded.  It's an effort to win back business from Vancouver and California. The larger cranes will be able to reach across newer ships so wide that 24 containers can be loaded side-by-side. Without the cranes, the ships can’t be unloaded, and the cargo will go elsewhere.

So, perhaps tomorrow we will get the bikes out.  I'm feeling adequately exercised, Seattle is hilly!

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