Sunday, January 11, 2015

We're Out of Food Again

Well, I see it has been several days since a post.  I hate when I do that, we forget what we've been doing.  The calendar reveals there were a couple of doctor's appointments.  There was also a rainy day, which I will not complain about given the weather the rest of the country is enduring.
Friday I had an outpatient procedure which required anesthesia and intubation.  I will say I was impressed with the surgery center's approach to pain management.  There was IV morphine accompanied by oral percoset immediately upon awakening.  Yeah baby!
We did a short ride Saturday, but I was pretty tired and slow on the bike.  Today was better, we rode the trail out to Camino de Oeste.  The Ironwood Hill still kicks my butt some, but I definitely was riding stronger.
It's been windy.  In addition to rain, we also have much higher humidity.  We've had clouds in the afternoons.  The humidity has been nice, our fingers aren't cracked as they have done in past years.

Tomorrow we must go to the grocery store.  We hate doing that because of the current flu epidemic sweeping through Tucson.  One wonders if we should lay in a stack of surgical masks for shopping trips.   I really do not want the flu.
Other than this paltry offering, maties, I have nothing of interest to offer.  Perhaps we'll go somewhere to provide some blog fodder.

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  1. Humid, in Tucson? Now that's a concept I have to wrap my head around. Made for gorgeous photos, though. Hope you're healed up from your procedure -- glad they had good drugs for you, anyway! Stay well...the flu would not be fun at all. Wash hands frequently and carry hand sanitizer with you for when you can't.