Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cat Mountain Trail Hike and No Duck for You

Yesterday we hiked up the Cat Mountain trail.  Ostensibly it is a mountain bike trail, but it's not something I'll be riding, ever.  We saw this woman coming down the steep rocks, we saw her later riding over boulders.  Note the complete lack of body armor.

This is poop on a rock, it's full of fur.  Life is difficult in the desert.

This woman was pretty good.  She, sensibly, was wearing body armor. 

These rocks are everywhere on the trail, you have to have pretty good skills to get up and over them.

It was a lovely day and a good hike.

Today the wind was down, but it was cold!  The original plan had been to go out for brunch with Don and Jaime at Prep and Pastry.  Hah!  Double hah hah hah!  They were lined up out on to the sidewalks waiting to get in.  Who knew?  We have not been there before, my friend Marcy had mentioned it so we thought we'd try it.  Apparently they are quite popular.  They have an interesting menu, featuring duck, duck fat and pork bellies.  There are also waffles and granola.  We ended up at a different restaurant.  Jamie made the comment that we should consider just riding on Sundays - and she's right.  We're competing with all of the non-retired for brunch.  We should go mid week.  Sounds like a plan.

After eating we had a delightful ride down the Rillito to the Santa Cruz trail.  It eventually warmed up just before we got back to the RVs.
Tomorrow the weather heads are calling for rain.  One can not complain, however, given the horrific weather bearing down upon the east coast.  Between that and the 60 mile an hour winds beating up Southern California, one feels quite lucky to be here.

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