Saturday, November 1, 2014

Old Las Vegas

This morning we drove down to the Fremont Street Experience in "historic" Las Vegas.  It's a big curved structure erected over some of the old casinos.  The whole curved roof is covered in lights.  They have light shows, concerts and other entertainment there.

One can zipline under the curved roof from the Slotzilla.

Here we see the iconic Golden Nugget. There are several casinos in there.

Outside is the Heart Attack Grill.  This is just sad.

There is some old style neon still in place.

One of the old hotels.

It was very windy and cold today.  Being under that curved roof was like being in a venturi tube.  So here are two young women standing around in their underwear and feathers, waiting to take pictures with the tourists.  All of the male bartenders were fully dressed, all the female bartenders were in their underwear with fringe.  That pisses me off some.

I love the billboard behind the Dino's sign.  Iconic Las Vegas.

On the way out we drove down the strip. It was full of people.  Here we have more freezing young women in their underwear trying to make a buck.  They were having trouble controlling their feathers.

Brian and Leigh came over for drinks tonight.  They have a new pickup truck.  It's very nice.  They brought really good snacks.  They're out by Lake Mead in a great boondock.
Tomorrow we're heading for Needles, after that it's a really long drive to Tucson.


  1. In all the times we've been to Vegas we haven't made it to Fremont St. Too bad those women have to strut their stuff in the cold.
    Leigh always brings good eats! She amazes me that she cooks like she does with working full time. I seem to never find the time to cook, or maybe I just find other things to do to avoid it!

  2. The Fremont street light show and music at night is definitely worth the free admission! ;-)... It is really pretty cool.

  3. Wished we had known you were getting together with Brian and Leigh. We might have crashed the party. We are in Boulder City. We are meeting them to hike today. Where did you stay when you were here?

    1. We stayed at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort. It's a very pleasant park. It's quiet and there are NO FIRES. It's fairly expensive, but for a couple of days it's tolerable.