Friday, November 21, 2014

Lunch at Tohono Chul

Yesterday I had lunch with Toni who writes Sailing Down the Road. We went to the tea room at Tohono Chul.  It was just delightful.  Toni travels with her cat, Sigh Me, in a Roadtrek.  It's a great vehicle.  She can park it anywhere.  The interior is like a little boat.  Lunch was good, the conversation was better.
Tohono Chul is a botanical garden in Tucson.  These are tiny little stone crops that have bloomed.  I did not know they did that.  They are happy succulents.

A horse statue surrounded by cactus.

After walking through the park for awhile, we sat on a bench and watched butterflies landing on some flowering bushes.  It was a perfect day in the gardens.  Thank you Toni!


  1. I've missed that park every time we've been to Tucson...I need to go!

  2. I enjoyed our day as well. Perfect weather and good company.

  3. I love places like that. Sounds like such a nice day.