Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hiking and Riding and the New Appliance

"Winter" is still good here.  We just can not believe what the rest of the country is enduring climate wise.  It's interesting that right after the weather heads said there would be no polar vortex this year, there was. 
There has been hiking.  The local trails are chewed up some from the two tropical storms that went through at the end of August.  A lot of rubble was washed down onto the trails, it's like walking on ball bearings downhill.

The saguaros are looking happy.

Today we rode our bikes out Mission Road to the bridge.  It's a pleasant ride now that the road is paved.  It used to be full of giant pot holes.  Going out is a consistent grade up, and going back is a great descent.  In the picture we have Dave, Jim and Don.  Dave and Don are from Manitoba.

Here we have the view from the bridge.  Those are mine tailings out in the distance.  They go for miles.

This is the cactus in front of Dave's park model.  It's an enormous thing.  Several times frost has made the paddles fall off, but it comes back with vigor.

The over the range microwave/convection oven arrived today.  Jim and I were able to get it in the bus with some difficulty.  I can't believe how heavy that thing is.  We're having it installed at Premier.  They're not our favorite shop, but they installed the last one without dropping it on the cook top, so that's a pretty good record.  As I recall, two very large guys were required to put it up there.
Five pairs of hiking shoes arrived from Zappos.  Four of them are going back for sure.  I hate my feet, truly I do.
In other news, the south end of the Santa Cruz trail is being repaved, which is good.  It was getting pretty rough.  Progress on the new section between Ajo and Silverbell appears to have stalled.  If they ever finish that, we'll be able to get on the trail without having to ride on the road.  That will improve life.
That's it maties, this is all I have to report.

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  1. Those Sept storms even caused water ruts on trails around Joshua Tree and Desert Hot Springs!

    That's one serious cactus bush! :-0