Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buda and Pest

The force of the hotel internet, like that of most RV parks, is weak.  After ruthlessly culling photos from day one in Budapest, I still had 33 photos to upload.  Not gonna happen in this hotel!  So, I suppose that a complete showing of what we have seen will have to wait until we return home.  I will say, that Budapest exceeded expectations.  It is a really cool place. Three places we have been are as follows. 

Saint Stephen's Basilica

Matthias Church

The Hungarian Parliament

Buda and Pest used to be separate cities, separated by the Danube.  The Danube was the border between the Holy Roman Empire and the barbarians.  The cities merged in 1873.  Buda has the hills, Pest does not.  This has been contested territory forever.  Attila the Hun was here as well as the Tartars and the Magyars.  American history seems a little puny in comparison.
We are up and out to spend the day in airplanes tomorrow.  We'll sleep over at the airport Doubletree Wednesday night, and then drive to Oregon the next day to pick up the RV.


  1. We are in White Salmon, WA till Monday, then we move to Columbia River RV park in Portland for a week on June 30th. If you guys are in either area during our stay let us know...

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip. I enjoyed reading about it and look forward to more photos. Would have never dreamed of going there for a bike tour!

  3. Wow, what gorgeous photos and sights you saw. I have never been to Europe, but it's on the bucket list for sure. Even more so after your photos!