Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sight Seeing in Prague - Day 6

We are back at the Adria Hotel on the Wenceslas Square.  That would be the square where communism met its demise in the the Czech Republic.  Now they have this.  It's a Thai massage place, plus they have the fish that will come and chew the dead skin off your feet.  I just don't know how I feel about this.

After lunch we wandered through Julius Meinl again, that's the high zoot, tall dollar gourmet grocery store that has recently opened.  They stock gourmet food from countries all over the world, even the US.

Jim wanted to check out the train station.  Like most train stations, it's pretty gritty on the outside.  Despite some nice art deco carvings on the outside, it's gritty.

But then you go inside and there is this.

And this.

I offer this photo as proof that some parts of human nature are universal.  The train has just arrived.  Many people would very much like to get off the train.  However, the people who want to get on the train are blocking their egress, so no one is moving freely.  If I were a train employee, I'd be out there with a sharp stick backing them up.

There is much bicycle touring.  The bike on the left ended up having to be fully unloaded because it had to be taken to a different car.  Only a certain number of bikes per car are allowed.  They have a hanging rack for the bikes.  The train was on its way to Berlin.

It was a low key kind of day.  My feet are begging for me to quit walking on them.  So we are giving them a break. 


  1. Hee, hee...we went in a hot springs pool in Hawaii where we were surprised and a little freaked out by fish biting our legs!

  2. I was just reading this post as your comment on our blog came in, and somehow it seemed odd that you were commenting all the way from Czech!
    Nope, I'm not letting any fish chew on my feet!

  3. Finally catching up with some of your posts from Prague, a city I am anxious to visit. We are talking about a European tour next year, so I really am interested in hearing your perspective on various things.

    p.s. I would let the fish chew on my feet.

  4. I've been remiss and now I must catchup! Prague oh this sounds like a wonderful adventure

  5. Prague is on my wishlist, but who knows if we'll ever get there. Thanks for sharing it through your eyes.