Friday, April 26, 2013

Phoenix to Desert View RV Park in Needles, CA

This is what you see on I10 after leaving Phoenix.  It's gruesome out there.  Lot's of trackless wastes.

The agricultural station in California.  It was not staffed today.  So we were able to smuggle in all of our citrus.

We headed north on US95.  It's gruesome out there, as well.

View out the back of the RV park.  More trackless wastes.

We're at the Desert View RV Park in Needles.  It's a nice park, except for it's out in the middle of nowhere.  The sites are very level.  The park hosts could not be any nicer if they tried, very helpful and friendly.  The free wifi is terrible, but it usually is.  We are on site 35 which was long enough to leave the pickup attached to the RV so we're happy about that.  The satellite has a clear shot at the southern sky, so life is good.

Tomorrow it's on to Lone Pine.

Update to post.   Getting out of the park this morning was just a bear.  The right front tire ended up climbing up on the cement slab patio, the steering wheel turned a bunch to the right, and we ended up dragging the right front wheel down the patio.  Once the wheel got off the concrete, it straightened up and that was ok.  Then we had to make a left to get out of the park which was a pain due a tight turn, a bunch of fences and posts everywhere.  I think if we were to go back to that park, we'd take the truck off the RV before proceeding.  It would just be easier all the way around.


  1. I think we're going in the same direction upd 395? Today, Sun, 4/28 we're leaving Boron (just S of Lone Pine) and heading to Mammoth Lakes.