Saturday, April 20, 2013

Phoenix Metro RV Park

This is not a terrible park.  It's on the Black Canyon Freeway in North Phoenix.  Although it's close to the freeway, there's not a lot of noise.  It's an old park but it's well kept.  It looks to be about one third permanent residents.  We are on D16, which is level and wide enough to park next to the RV.  The internet is really good for the most part.  We stayed here to be close to the hospital.  There is all the retail a person could ever want in the immediate vicinity.
This is a new park model.  Note the presence of two porches.  It's not a bad size.

This is an old park model.  Note the two window air conditioners.  It's named Honey.

Another older park model.  See the bump out on the right?  We would really like to know what's in there.  It doesn't look tall enough to stand up in.

More cactus blooming.

This place is so much better than where we stayed in Surprise and Mesa.  If we had to come back to Phoenix we would come back here.  Space would probably be an issue during the winter, but since it's no longer high season, there are many free sites.

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