Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Trip to Seattle

Monday we took the ferry over to Bainbridge to see Jim's mother.  We're still wrestling with trying to get the Social Security Administration to change May's address.  We put her on the phone, they would ask her something, which she couldn't hear, so they would repeat it to Jim who would tell May, who would then tell the SSA.  It was painful.  I'm hopeful that the change will take this time. 
The white boat with a black hull center picture is from Japan.  It has delivered the drilling machine which will be digging the tunnel for the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement.  It will be the largest diameter tunnel ever bored in the history of the world.  One wonders how they will recover it, should it get stuck, which has happened to two smaller tunnel borers in the area.  One will stand by to be amazed if the project completes on time and on budget. 

We wandered around Winslow for a bit while buying supplies for May.  Winslow is just cuter than a bug.

And they have a sense of whimsey.

Boats in the harbor.

Another good looking rhodie.

Last night Vicki and Dave invited us over for dinner, along with Kim and Jim.  Prior to heading over to their house we drove up the big steep hill to catch the view.  Is it not lovely?  It's a really steep hill.

Vicki always sets a pretty table.  Kim made lettuce wedge salads with blue cheese dressing.  Having the palate of a three year old, I'm unable to appreciate blue cheese, but they were lovely.

Today was chest squashing, and a trip to the dentist for Jim.  He's looking like a hamster with a cheek pouch full of food; he reports he is still numb up to his eyebrows.  Tomorrow he will repeat the process.  Poor Jim.
After a fairly decent two days, horrible weather will return to the GPNW tomorrow with high winds and sideways rain.  Looking forward to returning to the desert!

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