Saturday, August 13, 2011

Odds and Ends From the Past Week

Currently Jim and I are in repose. Somewhere along the line, someone with a virus breathed on us and we are under the weather. Sore throat, itchy eyes, malaise; the usual. Hopefully this will not last too long.
The nasturtiums in the park are blooming. They're one of my favorite flowers, they're very cheerful.

Roger and Peggy were here for a couple days this past week. The COs hosted a dinner for all us which was just delightful. Here are Jim and Roger. Are they not cute?

We went to the Gemini fish market for crab. These are crayfish, I keep looking at them wondering what they taste like, but so far I can't get past the way they look.

Thursday the truck went in for an oil change. We wandered in to Whole Foods while we were waiting for it to be done. We saw this line of beverages, allegedly they scrub smog out of one's sinuses, and cure hangovers. Sunsweet owns the beverage line, they're looking to break into the "energy drink" market. The first 3 ingredients are water, cane sugar, and fruit extract. It's not bad for you, but it's really expensive sugar water.

This is the new Swedish Medical outpost in Issaquah. It's quite a lovely building.

The days of the (single) hospital gift shop are over. There are at least 6 boutique shopping experiences on the first floor.

Longer shot of the lobby. Very nice, very upscale. It could easily be mistaken for a hotel lobby. I read a lot of doctor blogs, many of them are just up in arms over this sort of hospital merchandising. They feel it adds to the cost of health care, and unduly influences patient selection of a facility. I kind of don't agree with part two of the previous sentence, hospital choice generally depends on where your surgeon has privileges or where your doctor has decided to practice. My neurologist is here now, so this is where I will go. It is nice that it has parking.

Other that this, I have nothing of real import to discuss.

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