Monday, August 8, 2011

West Seattle

It was a grizzly non-exercise inspiring day in Issaquah. The marine push stacks clouds up over the foothills, which is where the park is. So we drove west, to West Seattle. First stop was the Jack Block park, which is named after a Seattle Port Commissioner. It's pretty cool, it's in the industrial area so you get to see cranes and stuff.
This is a fuel barge, used to fuel ocean going ships. To the left of it is what's left of an old loading ramp for rail car barges. Years ago, the ramp was used to load railroad cars on to barges to be shipped to other ports on Puget Sound and to Alaska. Now that shipping is containerized, they don't do that anymore. In the case of Alaska cargo, the shipping containers on truck trailers are loaded on barges and shipped that way. When you stop and think about it, the guy that invented containerized shipping changed the world.

There is Seattle, across the water from West Seattle.

The round white dome is an ocean going radar platform. It's in being refurbished. The Matson Lines container ship in front of it will be going to the ship breakers pretty soon. It's old, and antiquated; off with its head.

A newer container ship being off loaded.

Fuzzy flowers in the park.

We went further along the drive along the beach and found a place to park so we could walk. Everyone here in Seattle always says Spud has the best fish and chips, but I must disagree with that statement. Sunfish is way better.

There was a huge group of 20 somethings enjoying the day. They had mass quantities of food, musical instruments, and were playing an enthusiastic game of volley ball.

Last stop was the Metropolitan Market. It's a terrific store. This the olive bar. For some reason we did not partake, and now I'm wishing we did. I love the Mama L'ils peppers and the garlic giant butter beans. Good!

There is much cheese, which is currently banned from the house.

It was a nice outing. Hopefully tomorrow will inspire us to once again take to the streets with the bicycles.

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