Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Third Week in August in Review

Oy! It's been awhile since I've blathered. So, here is the week in review.
Last Tuesday was the annual botoxing of the overly tight shoulders. They were bad before, and now they're still bad, but in a different modality. I think what happens is other muscles have to take over the responsibilities previously shouldered (get it? a pun there) by the now paralyzed muscles and they don't like doing the work. They'll have to grow some to lift the blow dryer and get the bag of ice out of the freezer. I think I'll discuss this here over time so next year I can decide whether the botox actually improves things or not.
Wednesday was dinner with the Waddles chez CO. We all brought fish and a side dish. The evening was delightful and so was the company. Here are the men caucusing over fish placement on the planks.

Sunday we went downtown to walk around and look at stuff. This was taken in an upscale trendy clothing store. All of the windows and most of the walls are lined with vintage sewing machines. One wonders how this many were accumulated.

An example of one of the more lovely machines.

Puget Sound with ferry, Alaskan Way Viaduct foreground. Construction on the deep bore tunnel (to replace the viaduct) will begin soon. We will stand by to be amazed.

Buskers at Pike Place Market.

A view of Seattle's sporting palaces. Football is on the left, baseball is on the right.

While walking back to the truck, it took a few minutes, but we became aware of the fact that the racket from police sirens was increasing exponentially. There were police everywhere, some were parked and others were jack rabbiting around the block.

We had fire people in addition to police on scene.

This is why. This unfortunate individual was on a bus with six family members, heading downtown for an outing. Another guy on the bus had been harassing various riders, at one point throwing a bottle of beer at a man exiting the bus at a previous stop. So, let's think about this. Beer on the bus, forbidden. Throwing glass bottle at passengers, forbidden. Why didn't the metro driver call for help? This man was stabbed in the stomach when he and his family were attempting to depart the bus. The Seattle police were irked that no one called them until after all of this had transpired. The unfortunate citizen was transported to Harborview and is expected to make a full recovery.

Today, after it stopped raining, we drove up to an old Nike missile site and walked around. One of the trails is called the Million Dollar View trail.

The blackberries are ripening, finally.

So, that's the week in review.

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