Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tumalo Falls and Return of a Bike Rack

Yesterday we rode up to Tumalo Falls. I would give the trail a solid "would not do again". It's sort of a boring trail and there's not much to look at.
This is something we've been seeing in the woods; big piles of brush with logs piled on top. They're everywhere. Why are these here? Some of them are really old, some are new. It seems like if a fire started these piles of fuel would really make it worse.

A view from the trail, when not in amid the trees and bushes.

A stream.

The falls.

Remember this rack? It's baaaaack. We have an anti-wobble collar on the Thule when it's on the RV. When installing it in Tucson, my massively strong husband broke one of the screws, and now the entire shebang must be left on the RV. So, a new rack was required for in-town use. We bought another Sport-Wing from Amazon. Lifting the mountain bikes in and out of the bed of the truck is painful, they're heavy!
It required some work. There are two metal shims for use with a 2 inch receiver. We have a 2.5 inch receiver with a 2 inch sleeve. We had a lot of wobble between the shims and the sleeve. Duct tape was used to affix the shims to the rack shank and to enlarge the diameter of the whole assembly so there is less movement. Here is Jim completing a precision installation.

After that we still had movement, bungee cords were required. Pulling the bikes down toward the bottom of the rack minimizes movement of the bikes.

For the money it's a decent rack. It works with full suspension bikes and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
The fall on Whoops has not resulted in too much damage. Yesterday the muscles around my shoulder blades were pretty tender, but today not so much. Hopefully the rain will be gone tomorrow and we'll be able to get out and ride again. June is almost over! The itinerary marches us onward.

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  1. spent a lot of time at Tumalo Falls State Park in the summer as a kid, picnicking and splashing in the water. Love the precision work, it can only make it better ;)