Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Always Something

We mountain bike with Camelbaks, they are back pack hydration systems, with a bite valve at the end of a tube. The most important thing about owning a Camelbak is: don't put the pack down on the bite valve. Never ever, it lets the water out. Tuesday I put my Camelbak in the closet on top of the file folder box, with the pack sitting on the bite valve. About a liter of water went into the box with the files. It's always something. We spent the day with papers hanging up drying. Then we ironed them to flatten them out a little.

It's midnight, do you know where your bite valve is?


  1. I try to remember to drain the bladder and hang it over the shower so it will be nice and fresh next time I want to fill it. However even the best intentions get waylaid now and again.

    I hope you didn't lost anything terribly important!

  2. thank goodness for great hanging capabilities ;) luckily, I have only done that in the car, hope to not do a repeat somewhere else.