Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final Post from the GPNW

It's the end of days for us in the GPNW. We're loading the wagons tomorrow and departing Friday morning. But first, we have pictures from the last week or so. Chihuly is synonymous with glass in this area. This is one of his installations in a shopping mall in Bellevue. It's cheerful.

Last Wednesday we got to go to another interesting place for the RV. In an attempt to control costs, RV manufacturers use inexpensive foam in the dinettes. Jim spends a lot of time with his PC at the dinette and his butt was leaving prints on the cushions. So we took them down for new foam inserts at All Aboard Upholstery in Seattle. It's a big workshop - lot's of light.

We went down to Fisherman's Terminal while we waited for them to be done. It was a cool, but stunning day on the water.

This is a fishing boat. The boat on the back is a power skiff. They launch them to set the seine net to catch the fish. Many hydraulic lines are involved in putting the boat in the water, closing the purse seine and then retrieving the skiff.

Foul weather gear on the back of the boat.

Saturday was unnervingly warm. We drove out to Fall City to ride, getting out of the car it was just weird how warm it was after several wet cloudy days. I have a new bicycle saddle. It's better some places and worse others. I guess it's going to come down to which pain is more tolerable.

Which brings us to today. I picked up the second set of orthotics yesterday, and wanted to try out the hiking set. Kim and I hiked up to Poo Poo point via Chirico and then back down via the High School Trail. I am seriously kicked by this! 5.5 miles or so. Most of the hike was in the clouds. The spiders are out in force, spinning webs across the trails and catching mosquitoes. Although the views were occluded, the silence and the mist were enjoyable.

Almost at the top of the climb.

Kim and me on the bridge. We were happy to see the bridge, Kim recognized it from last year and so we knew we were on the correct trail.

Tomorrow we'll be reconfiguring the trailer and the basements for the transit to Utah. Friday we're outta here at oh:early:thirty. There's no telling how much internet we'll be having. The cell is always on, so we're still on that grid.
It's been fun to be here and see our friends, but it's time to go. A non-rolling stone in the GPNW will gather moss.

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