Friday, May 7, 2010

Petaluma CA and the KOA

Greetings Earthlings. Here we are in Petaluma, our home for the month of May. May is a difficult month, it's too hot to stay in AZ, but too cold everywhere else. It's chilly here, but sunny so far. I did not realize how close to the coast we would be; we're getting more ocean wind than I would like, but it's always something.
We're at the KOA, and the site they put us on was so sloped that even with two boards we could not level the RV. The grounds guys had to bring a bunch of gravel out, and even with that, we're still on two boards. For you non-RVers, two boards is a lot. We are level now, which is good, but it's just an icky site, we had to build a step by stealing gravel because our stairs debouched onto a 45 degree hill and we both slid a couple of times when the mat would scoot down the hillside. So, if we decide Petaluma is a repeater, we'll be asking for 164, 165, 144 or 145. They're flat, out in the sun and satellite friendly. None of those words apply to this site.
Overall the KOA is not terrible. They have petting animals for the kids, see the baby goats? Cuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeeeeee.

The riding is good, except for the aforementioned ocean breezes (gusting to 25 tomorrow). We've only been out once, but we noticed most people crossed the center line when passing us, and I observed several instances of oncoming cars moving to their right so that the cars passing us would have room to move left. There is a plethora of low traffic volume country roads. We can ride from the RV park, so that's good, too.

Here is Jim out in the boonies.

Here are some boonies.

This is pretty much what it looks like once you get away from highway 101. Apparently really stringent land use laws were passed, classifying this area as a Heritage Farm region, meaning that people can not sell out to the developers and reap huge profits from the sale of their land. While I personally am glad about this, I wonder how the land owners felt about it. Perhaps this knowledge will be available on the web.
We'll probably ride on the roads this weekend, and try some of the regional parks for mountain biking during the week. There's a small one close to us, and a big one 20 or so miles way.

Food prices are surprisingly high here. What's up with California fruits and vegetables costing the dang earth? Even at Costco, California avocados are $1.05 each, they're 50 cents in Tucson. What's up with that? I keep telling Jim to pretend we're in France, that's what we kept telling each other last year when we were in Canada.

Monday we're taking the truck in for new rear brake rotors (this will be replacement number TWO) which will not be done under warranty. They are warped, just not warped enough to get Chevrolet to pay for them.

We are good, we hope you are all, too.

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