Friday, May 21, 2010

Mountain Biking at Annadel Park

We took the mountain bikes out to Annadel regional park yesterday. The jury is still out on whether we like it or not. It's a huge park with a lot of trails but they are so rocky. Going up is not too bad, but coming down is some what intimidating because there are so many big rocks. I almost got a walker descending, there was a gap between two giant rocks that I HAD to take, and he stepped right into it. I realize walkers have the right of way, but why would you step into the path of someone on a bike on a really steep hill, especially when the biker (me) doesn't have enough time to stop? It scared the poop out of both of us. When we're hiking and we see a mountain biker, we run for the edge of the trail so they can stay on their chosen line. Fortunately he moved at the last second. No one hit the ground yesterday, so I'm declaring it a success.

This is an oak that is indigenous to the area.

Another trail which we did not ride.

More scenic beauty.

After riding, my bike went in for service. The squealing in the back brake is so bad it hurts my ears. It is good for letting Jim know where I am because he can hear me everywhere. The cables have stretched as well, so shifting has become random.

The truck is going back in next week. The funny noise returned with a vengeance. So, yesterday Jim took it in so the technician could hear it. It was out of the first tech's hearing range, so Jim hung around until a younger guy could go for a ride and hear it. After they couldn't hear the brakes rumbling we've decided to help them hear things. Anyway, it turns out the steering gear we had replaced in Tucson was defective, and a new one must be installed, for free. We're going to go out of warranty today. Let the mechanicals begin!

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