Saturday, May 15, 2010

Opening Weekend of Kamping Season

In Seattle, we had the opening day of Boating season, KOA has the opening weekend of camping season. If you pay for Friday, Saturday is free. The weekend campers have turned out in force with an amazing complement of food, more food, beverages and fire wood. And kids, don't forget the kids. Last night was the same bad band, and the kids were running amok until midnight. It's a good family weekend, it's an enclosed space, they're relatively safe (unless running into each other on their bicycles) and it's an inexpensive break from the routine. We are astonished at the amount of food that is consumed.
These are our neighbors across the way. They spent the better part of the day burning wood and eating.

Travel trailers are the preferred abode.

This is a Kamping Lodge, as opposed to a Kamping Kabin. The Lodge has indoor plumbing. Look at the number of tables that are set up.

This is a lot of work. I'm impressed that people are willing to pack up this much stuff and cart it out to KOA for the weekend.

Last night was a bad night, I am still struggling with my Flecainide induced insomnia. We decided not to ride since my balance was rocky from lack of sleep. So we drove in to Sepastopol, which is a cute little town. We think that all the hippies who used to live in Berkeley got better paying jobs and moved there. We had lunch in a vegetarian restaurant, it was an interesting menu. They make brownies with no dairy and no eggs. How does that work?

One of the doggoes in the park. He is such a good boy.

Tomorrow we are relocating the RV to a different site. It will have a north/south orientation, so more sun gets in through the windows. This will result in the RV feeling less cave-like. We are hopeful that we'll be able to get satellite there as well. The cable here is not so great.

Hope you are all well and experiencing spring.

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