Sunday, April 11, 2010

New MTB Wheels and Padding

This is what we saw out side of the kitchen window upon our return from the GPNW. This is a dove, sitting in her nest, on our ladder. With all the hundreds of palm trees providing secure nooks for nests, with shade, why would a dove build a nest on a ladder rung in full sun, completely exposed to the elements? Fortunately, there were no eggs, the ladder is now on the ground to discourage any more nesting behavior.

I now am the proud owner of elbow guards to go with the knee pads.

Behold, the padded mountain biker. MTB technology has moved on. I've gone tubeless. The rims are different, and there's a more substantial rim strip that makes the tire hold air, without a tube. So, I have the lighter rims, hubs and spokes, as well as no tube. My new wheels are schweet! The lighter weight is very noticeable starting up from a stop, and climbing out of deep washes.

The cactus bloom continues unabated. It's difficult to photograph cactus blooms. They close up at night, and by the time the blossoms unfurl, the sun has become strong and harsh. This particular prickly pear is just covered in blooms. As always, it just tickles me how such a spikey plant can make such a pretty flower.

We were driving down the road the other day, and we saw a van with a photographer's logo and name on it. They do weddings, portraits, and boudoir photography. Now, if you were a small business owner, with your name and phone number plastered all over your van, don't you think you'd want your employee to look just a teensy bit more professional than this?

Remember Manitoba Dave? He who rides with the Fast Old Guys group in the Great White North? We'd like to acknowledge Dave's accomplishment. He did the Tour of Phoenix (72 miles) in 3:03, thus earning a Platinum finish. Way to go, Old Guy.

Jim is somewhat improved, but continues to struggle with his cold. Hopefully it'll be better soon. We have many places to go and things to do.

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