Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend from the GPNW

We're in the GPNW now, where they are having an early spring winter storm. Yesterday it was raining sideways and blowing. Today is much improved, although it's still windy and cold. Of course cold is a relative term, I recently remarked to Jim that I am losing the ability to tolerate temperatures at either end of the climate spectrum, thus making me a total weather wimp on all fronts.
To remind us of the desert, here is another lovely blooming cactus. Look at that color.

Friday we had appointments with the family doctors who wanted us starving so they could draw blood for cholesterol and etc. After leaving their offices, we dashed down to a diner for eggs (yes, ironic, isn't it) and toast. This is one of their fish. He's a big fish.

The scenic overlook in West Seattle. This was about 20 minutes before it rained again.

I think the Metropolitan Market is one of the best grocery stores anywhere. We've not been to a Wegman's yet, but they certainly rival Dean and DeLuca. This is part of the cheese counter.

One of the Easter displays. They were selling boxes of handmade organic Peeps. I should have bought some so we could bite their heads off.

Pretty cakes.

Their floral department is just stupendous.

Medical tourism resumes on Monday. We'll be returning to Tucson on Wednesday. This trip has reinforced my desire to stay out of airplanes. TSA and the airlines have just sucked the fun right out of air travel.

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