Monday, April 26, 2010

Scottsdale AZ - Eagle View RV Park

Here's a little more cactus loveliness for you. The bloom is winding down, I'm almost done, I promise.

So - here are the mountain bikes on the new rack with the old Swagman cover. It's not designed for platform racks, it's designed for the racks where the bikes hang from the top. However, if you turn it upside down it works pretty well. We had to tie the zippers down so they wouldn't work their way loose, but other than that, it's pretty well adapted to the new rack. You'd think they would make a cover, they make this kind of rack.

Ken came yesterday morning to finish the camera install. It was laborious. Here is Ken drilling a hole in the side of the truck bed. Rachel is under the truck with her hand in front of the trailer brake wiring harness to ensure that Ken doesn't hit it with the drill. Thank you Rachel. It took longer than any of us expected, getting the wire through the truck firewall was a pain. I'm so glad we outsourced that install.

Here it is, in all of its camera glory. See the bikes? It's very unnerving how much movement there is. There's a microphone as well, which we need to learn how to turn off, we had to listen the ladders rattling on the way to Scottsdale.

So, we're now in travel configuration - Ken, who has strongly held opinions, cast aspersions on the strength of the welding we had done to support the receiver. We kept reminding him that it's max 110 pounds, but he seemed to think that a much heavier gauge tubing should have been used. Who knows, we'll keep an eye in the welds to see if they're doing something bad.

We're in the Scottsdale area until Saturday morning. We were going to stay at the McDowell Regional Park, which is just gorgeous, but it's really hot here and we wanted 50 amp service so we'd be able to run both of the air conditioners. We're going to have to get up early to go ride McDowell before it's too hot. Currently it's 91 in the shade at 1711 hours. So, no internet coma for us in the morning. Up and out will be the rule of this stay.

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