Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Construction and Ear Updates & a Cautionary Tale

We have a bicycle trail alert for you. The Rillito River trail west of La Cholla on the south side of the river bed has been torn up completely. The detour is to ride on River Road. The signs say that La Cholla is going to be widened to 6 lanes, so who knows how long the trail will be torn up.

This is a close up of an agave over by the Marriott at Star Pass. I like the pink spines.

Yesterday we went to the ear doctor for the 6 week followup. Reviews were mixed. As is turns out, he had to remove about half of my ear drum in the process of cutting out damaged tissue so that he'd have good tissue to bond to the graft. Those margins are not yet completely healed, but he says they look good. On the down side, there is now a very small hole in the graft. He was clearly surprised at this fact because it wasn't there when he finished the surgery. He said he'd never seen this before. So, at this point he's going to wait for 3 months to see if it will close on its own. If not, then there is an (uncomfortable) office procedure he can try to get it to heal. The problem with this plan is that we're leaving Tucson shortly thereafter for cooler climes. I am somewhat despondent over this development.

When we returned yesterday there were several RVs checking in to RCW. The great migration to the south west has begun.

Note to RV owners; should you decide to have your RV washed and waxed, post waxing one should examine the stairs. We had ours waxed yesterday and there is now wax all over the steps. I failed to notice this fact and upon exiting the coach, my feet went right out from under me. Fortunately I remained upright, avoiding the dreaded fall on the tail bone, but it was bad enough.

Moving on to satellite installation. We had the Dish people out yesterday to install. Clearly they were not accustomed to working in an RV because the installer was all set to disable future use of the over the air antenna and the ability to use cable. We pointed out to him that this is not a stationary unit and that satellite reception would not always be available due to trees. He was somewhat miffed, but he did run more cables to leave these items intact. We later discovered that the basement TV is in-op, so someone will be back. It's a process.

Obtaining closure on anything is difficult. At this point we have many open action items and we are not making progress. We preach patience to each other, but internally we fester because we just want to be able to check off just one steeeeenking item off the list and have it stay done.

Here's wishing you a new decade of closed action items.

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