Monday, January 11, 2010

Back From MTB Camp

Camp was good. Camp was worth the effort and the cost. This is me (on the far right), my other two camperettes (Kathy and Martha, left to right) and the tall guy is Gene Hamilton. Gene is a professional down hill racer, and he coaches regular people and other down hill racers. It's an intense 3 days. Basically he tells and shows you skills that you will not master in 3 days, the most important take home is to do the drills. We'll be buying little orange cones and drilling. The two biggest things I got from camp were vision (where and how to look when riding), and the proper body position while descending.

This is Gene demonstrating that riding up a scary pile of rocks is really just like riding up a ramp. This is the bunny trail out at South Mountain in Phoenix.

Today we rode the Pemberton trail out at McDowell Mountain Park. It was a perfect day. When I rode this two years ago it was terrifying. Every wash, every water bar, every down hill; all looked to me like potential death. Today, it was fun! The trails are just perfect, they've had some rain so the washes are all packed and firm.

We drove by the horse staging area on the way out, there was a mtb camp or tour or something going on. Look at all the bikes laid out with such precision.

There is a mass of riders formating here. Look at the guy foreground left laying out helmets, in the dirt. My camp was better.

McDowell is just outside of the township of Fountain Hills, and is, in fact larger than Fountain Hills. This is the fountain from which the town takes its name.

Oh, I do miss the minivan for when we go on trips.

So, we're back, and we must now do a pile of laundry of epic proportions.

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