Thursday, January 14, 2010

Closure on an Action Item!

Wednesday we closed an action item. For you non-corporate types, that means we checked an item off of the to-do list. Although this looks like a radome, it's a satellite dish. It's self aiming, which is a great aid to marital bliss.

Here is Jim setting the dip switches for Dish TV. We got Dish because Direct no longer carries Versus, and the whole reason for doing this is to watch the Tour de France in July. We missed it last year and it was very painful.

Here is Jim hauling it up to the roof where it will sit, zip tied to the boarding ladder, while we are in port. It will sit in the basement while we are in transit.

It's fairly amusing. We can hear it moving around ever so often looking for the mother ship.

So, one thing is done and off the list. With luck it will stay off the list.

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