Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Riding on a Tuesday

This is a B1-B bomber climbing out of Davis-Monthan. We saw it over Tucson, it's a cool plane. The wings can sweep all the way when it goes supersonic. When we saw it the wings were straight out and the landing gear was down. The noise it produced was impressive.

We rode up to the Main Gate today. We went later in the day, which was good, because it's too cold at 9 am. The pigeons are cold, see how puffed up he is? Poor pigeon. We met JimE there and sat around in the sun and had coffee and bagels. Just delightful.

Then we rode up to Oro Valley, this is the view from JimE's new home. It's a neighborhood of patio homes. The HOA dues pay for all exterior maintenance. Love that. It's very pleasant there.

Riding back to RCW was largely downhill, but due to the howling headwind, I had to work, downhill. I am now cooked.
Did everyone see that the 787 flew today? Whoo-hoo!

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