Friday, December 11, 2009

Biking, Street Fair and Bike Racks

It's chilly in the mornings, so the Friday RCW bike ride started in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. We had coffee in the Lost Barrio at Tooley's. They have really good coffee and snacks. It's a cool part of town. Aviation Bikeway now extends to 4th Avenue for your riding enjoyment with fresh, brand new pavement.

This weekend was the 4th Avenue Street Fair. We went Saturday, the weather was really good this year. Last year was disappointing for them, clouds and high winds depressed attendance. It doesn't change much from year to year. We have the ubiquitous tie-dye stand.

We have meat!

There were several Tarot readers.

This was interesting art. The artist is from Kansas (! of all places), he makes metal cactus sculpture. They are really beautiful and realistic.

More meat!

This is the second bike rack we've purchased for the full suspension bikes. We had great hopes for this as an in town rack because it's light.

This morning we loaded up the wagons, but it was not to be. So close, but no cigar. The arms that support the wheels need to be a little longer, the forks rub too hard against the uprights. So, back it's going.

The bad thing about acquisition is that often your belongings end up owning large chunks of your time. This is becoming very true of the new MTBs. We're going to end up with a platform type rack behind the RV. Conversations with other RV'ers have revealed the the puny 1.25 inch receiver we have is not up to the task of carrying our manly mountain bikes. So, not only do we need to part with serious dollars for a tray type rack, we're going to need to upgrade the RV hitch to a 2 inch receiver. That is going to require a welder. This is going to be such an odyssey, it's a good thing we're starting early, hopefully it will all be done before the end of April. After deciding that the Highland Sportwing rack was not a contender, we decided to go to Phoenix and get the only Thule T2 rack currently in stock in Arizona.
It's huge!

Fortunately it folds up. It's heavy, taking it off and on the truck will require 4 hands.

It's warmed up here some. We're happy about that. One of these days we'll actually take the MTBs out to the desert and ride them, instead of buying bike racks for them. They are such fastidious things, sort of like cats.

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