Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pendleton to Portland, OR

From Pendleton to Portland is a freeway drive on I84.  We took exit 17 off I84 and then drove down Marine Drive to the RV park.  It’s a 13 mile drive along the river and is a much more pleasant route than driving through Portland traffic. 

The drive down the Columbia River is so gorgeous.   It would be more gorgeous if the sun had been shining, but it was not.  We’re in the midst of June Gloom.  This is a grain terminal along the river.


Water is being released at the John Day dam.


A railroad bridge over the river.


We’re in Portland until June 25.  Tomorrow we’re up and out to get the oil in the truck changed.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday, so we’ll have to find something to do with ourselves.

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