Friday, June 9, 2017

Forest Road 142

In my last post, I talked about this lovely stretch of trail, suitable for riding without maiming.  We did find the other end of it.  It’s in Hulen Meadows.  Drive into the neighborhood, go to the four way stop, turn right, go to the end.  The trail begins there.  Pay no attention to the private drive sign.  It is a lovely trail, but it’s too short.


At about 2 or 3 miles down the trail, one encounters this.  There are people who can ride this, but I am not one of them.  Too much loose rock, too steep, too terrible of a consequence if one falls.  Quel domage, another hope dashed.


However, having read a Campendium review of a boondocking area just up the road on forest road 142, we decided to go check that out.  From Hulen Meadows, go noth on ID75 about a quarter of a mile and turn right on to Lake Creek Road.  The forest road begins at the end of the pavement.  It’s a lovely road in a lovely area.  Isn’t this pretty?


There is a persistent grade of about 2%, so some effort is involved.  The elevation here is just killing me.  For people from higher elevations, you would not notice it.


This is a corral.  After you reach this point, you may stay for 16 days.  We did not make it any farther down the road because it was threatening rain, and we did not want to get wet.


There is a spur up to the Taylor Canyon Loop off the forest road.  We didn’t hike it or ride it.


This is the very first pull out on the road.  Between here and the corral, there is a three day limit.  You wouldn’t want this site anyway, everybody up the road would be driving by you making dust.


So, this is an excellent choice to get some exercise without fear of maiming, or if you need a boondock close to Ketchum.


  1. Excellent intel, thanks! Too bad the MTB trail gets too difficult. So often that is the case, at least in our case. ;-)

  2. If there is reason to believe that the trail might improve beyond the gnarly section, we don't mind pushing them through. Either way, riding or pushing, it's a great workout, and you never know what might lie beyond the hiccup that turns most people around :))

    1. Having hiked that trail previously, we knew it would go from bad to worse! I always count pushing as exercise. I did a lot of that in Boise.