Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bike, Hike and Flood in Ketchum

We saw this on a kiosk up by the Adams Gulch trails.  Who knew that moose were so dangerous?


Yesterday we rode the Woods Trail down to Hailey.  It’s a beautiful paved surface!  No part of the section we were on was underwater so we were happy about that.  We saw this house as we approached Hailey.  Look at that roof line, and the blue thing on the right.  I have no idea what the thing on the roof of the out building is.  Weapon?  Catapult?


I took this in Gimlet, which is a neighborhood between Ketchum and Hailey.  The Big Wood River has left its banks.  This area is having the worst flooding ever. See the water foreground, and the driveway in the background?  You can see a trash can on the right.  The actual river bed is behind that house. 


This is further up the trail.  The city has brought in some pit run to try to keep the road in place.  So far, the water is winning.


Today we hiked part of the Fox Creek loop.  It’s a steep little trail.  You can see the trail going down the hill side.


There are wild flowers everywhere.


I think these are lupines, but I could be wrong. 


Ketchum is just gloriously beautiful.  It reminds me of Joseph, OR, which was also beautiful.  The mountains spring up right out of the meadows.


This is more of the river, taken from a high point on the trail.  That tree went in to the water recently. 


The river has taken a pretty good chunk out of the bank.


This is a low point on the trail as it follows the river back to the parking lot.  The trail is wet, it’s been underwater recently.


We were talking to a cyclist in Boise when we were there, who told us that usually Boise has snow on the ground for two weeks.  This year it was three months.  They had an enormous snow pack and now it is in the rivers.  Boise is letting the Boise river flood in order to protect three reservoirs.  I don’t know if any water control is being done here.  It doesn’t look like it, because the Wood River is just everywhere.



  1. Wow! As I mentioned on Facebook, this place was on our list to visit this way (on our way back east from Washington state). By the time we would have gotten here (August, most likely), I suspect all the flooding would be long gone. It surely is a beautiful area, and I do hope we get there -- I did a lot of trip planning with our route and campgrounds mapped out, so perhaps we'll be able to do the whole route next year.

  2. Too bad about all the flooding but at least you finally got to ride. The trail going around Sun Valley is really nice, too, but be prepared to work a lot harder than on the section to Hailey. Lots of hills!

  3. The west sure is suffering this spring due to the extreme winter! But it's really making everything super green and beautiful (and filling California reservoirs).