Saturday, June 3, 2017

Boise to Ketchum, ID

What happens when you leave Boise with a freshly washed RV and pickup truck?  It rains.


It’s a pleasant drive.  We took I84 to US20 to ID75.  There is some climbing from Mountain Home to Hill City, but nothing serious.  If I remember correctly, there are only two passing lanes on US20.  We spent some time behind a 5th wheel that was very aggravating, but eventually he pulled off and let us by.


These are cool rocks somewhere.


ID75 is a really nice road, its surface is better than US20.  Here we are, driving up ID75 through agriculture.


I think this was in Hailey.  If you’re looking for a new direction in life, this bar is for sale.


We are now in Ketchum until the 11th, when we have to go back to Boise for the wretched ear.


  1. Idaho is such a beautiful state to explore. We didn't make it to Ketchum but it's definitely on our list for sometime in the future. Sure hope that ear gets better and lets you get on with life.

  2. Hope you have some good weather so you can ride. The Harriman trail is nice for your mountain bikes since it's more like a gravel road, but lots of ups and downs. And I'm guessing you are at the RV park right along the Wood River trail? Happy riding!

    1. The Harriman trail was on our list of things to do. Unfortunately it is closed due to being muddy and there is still snow on it. The Wood River trail is open, so that's a plus. We are at the RV park on the trail.