Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weird Food and Miscellaneous Stuff

Have you ever walked through a grocery store and seen something so weird and strange looking that you just had to buy one, because WTH?  We saw this at Safeway last week.  It was in with the Bob Evans pre-packaged sodium fests.  The numbers don't look too bad, but for 320 calories, $7 seems a bit much.  It was on sale, so it's ok.

Check out the packaging.  It's vacuum sealed. The plastic is tight up against the food.  It has really long shelf life if refrigerated.

As seen from the top.

It microwaves in 1.5 minutes.  While it's cooking the plastic cover sort of bubbles off.   When it's done it's like a tent over the tray.  It was predictably awful.  See, I show you these things so you don't have to buy them yourselves.

This was taken in Christopher Columbus park.  Notice the water bird on the right.  The guy in the float tube caught a trout which he was reeling in.  We've seen that bird on multiple occasions, watching the fisher people.  They walk by him and he doesn't budge.

Here is a random shot of one of the prettiest churches in Tucson.

The hummingbird, as seen from inside the RV.  The tint on the windows makes it difficult to get a good shot.

Yesterday we did a short ride before the winds came up, knowing that today would suck, which it did.  On the way back the front started moving in.  There were some fairly impressive lenticulars.  We were lucky, as soon as we made it through the back gate, the wind was up.

We went out to lunch today, and saw this young coyote sleeping in the sun.  He didn't look so good.  As we approached him, he got up and walked behind the bush.  When we got in the truck, he came back out and returned to his nap.  

Did you seen this on Facebook?  I screen scraped it from there, it's not clear who did the graphic.  I thought it was a nice job of showing where various publications fall on the bias scale.

Have you read the Vanity Fair review of Trump Grille?  It's hysterical.  Trump's tweeting about it has driven their new subscription numbers through the roof.  On Facebook, VF is on sale for $5 a year for print and digital.   I think the New York Times is also on sale.
Other than this paltry mashup of food and wild life, I have zippity doo dah all to report.


  1. Every American should see that news graphic...and actually make changes in their daily required reading!!!!!

  2. I hadn't seen the graphic -- very interesting! I lean towards Huffington Post but also read MSNBC, NPR, and CNN, plus the occasional NY Times articles, so I guess I'm getting a fairly good representation of liberal bias to middle of the road stuff. Faux NoNews, just say no!

  3. We broke down and paid money for NYT and WaPo, and I will admit I'm spending way too much there and on HuffPo. It's like watching a basket of snakes, I know I should look away but I can't.