Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ears, Birds and the Bees

I saw the Tucson ENT yesterday.  It was sort of a good news, bad news report.  The hole in the eardrum is still there, but it's very tiny, 0.5 mm in size.  Dr. P believes that water intrusions into the middle ear, and subsequent infections, are not likely.  The hole is so small that surface tension should prevent water from getting across the ear drum.  It does continue to prohibit activities like paddle boarding, kayaking or free diving for pearls at depths of 100 feet.
This was my hearing test in July.  The lower line is the left ear, and the change in hearing was fairly shocking.  After the original perforation in 2010, my left ear's line was just slightly below the right ear's line.

This was done yesterday.  It's better than it was before surgery, but it still tails off at 4000 hertz.  It's not a terrible hearing loss, but I was hoping for more improvement.  The nerve is still in good shape, and this loss is well treated by a hearing aid. 

Here are pictures of the bee and the bird.  The bees here are Africanized hybrids.  They can be vicious little buggers.  When we sit out on the patio a few are always buzzing around.  Bees make me nervous.

There is the always darling hummingbird.

What does one say about today's mass shooting in San Bernardino?  We're both sad and have headaches.  It's just another tragic day for our society.

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