Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weather and Birds

What's shaking in your part of the world?  Tucson has been a good place to be, climatologically speaking.  The end of the good run of weather is nigh, but not here yet.
I've been able to get some work out of Jim.  Here we see him grilling chicken thighs.  Since it's too dangerous to be roaming around on crutches in the dark, we're making food late afternoon for later.  I just do not have the knack with the grill that he does.

I swiped this from the KOMO website. The GPNW is just getting inundated with rain.  Everywhere is flooding.  This is an RV park in Puyallup, WA that has been flooded out. The water rescue people had to come and remove the residents.  The rescue was complicated by live power pedestals in the park.  This is just tragic.  It's a poor area, many of these people just lost everything.  The ones who can make it out will have a tough time finding anywhere to be in the area.  The Carnation Valley is under water, so I'm certain their RV park is flooding, too.  Small towns have water running down Main Street. It's just amazing how much rain the whole region has received.

Jim and I are having another news blackout.  I just can't take anymore statements being made by certain of our political candidates.  In order to combat the negativity in the ether, I shall unleash the force of more hummingbird pictures.

They are so pretty when they're pink.

Check out the trail he's leaving while in flight.

From his perch in the palm tree, he looks right.

He scans the skies for the competition.

He launches and chases off a would be feeder interloper.

We are so incredibly boring!  It's hard to think of anything to write about.  Jim gets his cast off in a week; that will provide us with more blog fodder.  Until then, I got nothing!


  1. You're getting some great hummingbird photos!
    Looks like our warm weather will be ending this weekend. Hard to complain, though, as this sure beats most other parts of the country.

  2. Jim is the griller at our house too. He's finally feeling good enough to do some grilling and it's wonderful. I loved getting my cast off so I could scratch my leg. It felt so good. I am sooo sick of politicians (all idiots) that I turn off the TV and I hate FB any more.

  3. Awesome hummer shots!

    I hear ya on the news front...what is this country coming to if people thing it's okay to spout such xenophobic BS?

  4. I love your hummingbird photos! One very nice thing about being in Mexico is a complete absence of US politics on the tube. Of course I still see it online, and a few of my Facebook friends have made such racist statements I had to unfollow them. It's really sad to see how deeply divided Americans have become.