Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Windows 10 Test

This is a test.  I put Windows 10 on my Acer netbook to see how much I didn't like it.  It's ok.  Then I started reading about other bloggers being unable to load photos to Blogspot.  So, I'm doing an end to end usability test of moving a photo off the camera card, into Picasa and then up to here.   I did notice that Picasa is somewhat different on Windows 10.  OK, enough test!  This keyboard is driving me crazy.


  1. I have always done my blog posts directly in Blogger and am not experiencing the problems that those who are using Live Writer are currently having.

    Beautiful photo!

    1. Are you running Windows 10? We're still on the fence about upgrading from Windows 7. It's such a known quantity, I hate to give it up.

  2. I would not upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. I have read that there is just not enough advantages in upgrading non-touchscreen systems. I am holding off on upgrading my Win 8.1 Asus T100 Transformerbook, because my husband upgraded his Dell tablet and has had major problems with audio drivers. He currently has no sound at all and has tried everything. I think I'll stick with 8.1!