Friday, December 4, 2015

More Birds

Greetings from the Recovery RV.  We have zippity doo-dah all to report.   Bird people - I have a question.  Is this a girl or a boy?  Google says that the females may have a few pink feathers on the face, but I can't tell what this one is.

 This is definitely a girl.  She's very tiny.

Boy.  This may be the one we call Fuzzy Butt.  He has the cute hummer hiney.

In the real world, the Export Import Bank has been reinstated.  Yay!  Now US industry can compete with companies in countries that offer financing.  This is good for major manufacturing.  It costs the tax payers nothing, and preserves manufacturing payrolls.
Jim's been finding ways to entertain himself while he waits.  FlightAware is one of the websites he frequents.  You can see who is arriving, who is departing, who owns the planes.  If you're an airplane person, this is fun to watch.  I enjoy the Misery Map of late and delayed flights.
Other than this paltry offering, I got nothing!


  1. I love your hummers but I definitely don't know a girl from a boy. If you're interested in learning about flying - I follow Gary's blog and even though I don't understand a lot of what he's talking about I find it fascinating -

  2. still loving the hummers :) hope recovery is going well, I am going to figure it is since nothing bad has been reported other than cabin fever and boring days.

  3. I have the same question about those mottled hummingbirds. They are either females or immature males. I usually assume the latter but am never really sure. Love the pics regardless!