Tuesday, January 27, 2015

State of Siege

After yesterday's gloominess and rain, today was glorious.  The streets were wet from the overnight rain, so we hiked.  For some reason I left the RV without a camera.  I said to Jim that since I had forgotten it, we'd probably see a herd of javelina, a flock of deer, or perhaps aliens.  We did see this car at the parking lot.
This is a Triumph TR4, dating from the 1960s.  The car delivered its owner and the owner's mountain bike to the trail head.  You wonder, how does a Triumph transport a mountain bike?

This is a fork block that has been attached to the rear deck.  The front fork goes there and the back wheel goes in the passenger seat. It's a pretty clever way to get the bike to the trail head in your classic vehicle.

It was a beautiful day in the desert.  The respite from the events in the RV park was good.

We did see a single javelina.  He wouldn't come out of the brush, so I couldn't get a decent picture of him with the phone.  We did not, however, see the aliens.

There has been a rash of bike thefts in the RV park.  We've been keeping two cables on the mountain bikes, thinking we had enough security.  Then recently another bike was stolen after someone cut a Kryptonite cable with bolt cutters.  After that we weren't feeling so secure.  This afternoon, we went to Performance and bought two U locks for the bikes.  We've got the rear wheels immobilized, the bikes are cabled together, and there are two long cables attaching the works to the picnic table.  We're up to four keys with this lashup.  It just irritates the living snot out of me that we can't feel secure here.

I copied this off Twitter.  This is funny.  Hopefully, this does not give offense to anyone.

In other news, the RV dealer where we purchased the Beaver has filed for chapter 11.  This could not happen to a more deserving corporation.  McMahon's was the sleaziest group of people we've ever dealt with.  They over charged us for a "safety" inspection and did not fix basic broken stuff.  They took our money for an extended warranty and then didn't forward it on to the underwriter until we yelled at them some.  They had multiple reviews stating people had traded in financed vehicles.  McMahon's was supposed to pay off those vehicles, and they didn't, thus making the previous owners delinquent on their payments.  This is business karma.
Ken and Rachel, of Cameron's Reliable RV Repair, came this afternoon and fixed the Fantastic vent.  After watching Ken replace the lift motor and the actuator, I am so very, very, grateful that we did not attempt to try that ourselves. 
That's it - this is all I have to report.


  1. Way cool on how they transport a bike on the TR!

    That's really rotten that bikes are getting stolen in your park. We have been very fortunate so far in our travels, but we do lock up our bikes (always) and our sat dish (90% of the time), it's too bad we have to worry about these things.

    Those little bits of rain every now and then must be doing a fine job of keeping the area green!

  2. Too bad about bike thefts in the RV park. We, too, have many keys and locks, which makes us less likely to just hop on the bikes for a short ride, which I hate. And I suspect if someone really wants them they would be able to cut the locks off somehow.

  3. What a shame about the bike thefts. I'm pretty sure the RV park you use is gated, isn't it? Think it's an inside job? Love the Fox News screen cap. Pot. Kettle. Black?