Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Hike in the Tucson Mountains

Today we parked at the Genser Trailhead.  Instead of going the way we usually do, we went the short route which takes us through this wet area.  I'm not sure where the water comes from.  Today it was pretty wet, with enough water to actually trickle.  It's pretty in there.

We walked past the place where we usually stop.  We discovered that the trail actually continues for quite some distance, with a fair amount of up.  Here we are at the top of the ridge.  The light green square on the left is a reservoir cover that used to be dark green.

This is looking back in to the Tucson Mountains.  It's a good hike.  We really enjoyed it, both for the up and for the fact that we haven't been there before.

While we were gone, the RV park filled up.  All the northerners are now down here.  It's nice in November and December because there are very few people in the park, and one can do laundry at will.  That's over for a couple of months.  Jim was at Costco around 10:30 this morning, and he reports that it was full of the aged.  When I lived in Tucson thirty some years ago, we used to complain about the snowbirds and their erratic driving - now we are part of that demographic.  It's tough to become a cliche.


  1. Love your last paragraph!

    We'll be arriving in Tucson in Feb. Hope you and Jim are still around.

  2. Allison, I love the photos. It is surprising to see the water. Stay warm....Toni

  3. Funny that when we're young we never consider that it is just a matter of time before we become the aged that we complain about. I still find myself saying things like "c'mon gramps, the speed limit is 45, not 15!"