Friday, January 30, 2015

Rain in the Desert

Despite the overcast skies yesterday, we headed out for a bike ride.  Rain was coming, but wasn't expected until Thursday evening.  This is what we saw coming up Ironwood Hill.  A stolen car was pushed down the side of a hill into a wash.  People suck.  There are so many low income households in the area that can not tolerate this sort of calamity.  Losing a car can turn into losing a job, and then losing a home.  I hope the police find the punks who did this and put them in jail.

The really big wrecker was required to get the car up to the road.  They're pulling it up through pretty good sized rocks.

Despite the weather forecast, we got rained on returning to the RV.

At the moment, it's pouring.  Mt. Lemmon has gotten 5.39 inches since midnight.  The washes are running; two people are trapped in Sabino Canyon due to water running across the road.  This afternoon we were coming back from Target when the storms hit.  Visibility on the freeway was non-existent so we decided to take the frontage road instead.  We will not be doing that again for the rest of February!  The gem show has opened and with it has come the traffic.  See the yellow in about the middle of the picture?  That is a police officer standing out in the rain directing traffic.  He drew the bad duty today.

Tomorrow will be wet again.  Woe, woe is us.  It would be nice if a giant high pressure system would form and push the rain somewhere else.

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